eBay has announced their upcoming re-brand and despite the quite obvious need for one (The 90s called and wanted all its “fun” back), it seems to me that ebay missed the boat in multiple arenas.

New Ebay Logo Comparison

First of all they have fallen prey to the idea that if they make their logo more “design-y” and more minimalist, that this will somehow magically alter peoples perception of what they do and how they do it; that somehow everything has changed.

The logo is set in Univers Extended and aside from the crazy-tight kerning not many other thoughtful design decisions seem to have been made. The kerning produces odd areas of tight space and the areas where the letters touch (especially red on blue) create an almost vibrating quality – like the letters are overlapping ever-so-slightly.

Now don’t get me wrong, the logo is not an abomination, it just leaves much to be desired. The purpose of a re-brand is to allow a company to reflect its new vision, identity, or features. Although ebay has made wonderous strides since it’s conception, it still is not a company that I would associate with words like “Modern” or “Minimalist”.

New Ebay Logo

Now the way that eBay has chosen to promote and integrate their new brand is really where they steered off course:

A sub-par ipad mock-up featuring the new Ebay LogoA sub-par iphone mock-up featuring the new Ebay Logo

Simply slapping your new logo on an iPhone and an iPad is an almost useless way of showing a brands new-found fidelity. The only think these images portray is the fact that the logo is able to be displayed on electronic devices – well thank goodness they considered this often overlooked feature.

A better way to extend the brand onto these electronic mediums would be to mock up the way eBay’s new look could be utilized in a native app or website. At very least they could show a bit more than a person staring at the ebay logo while eating breakfast and blocking traffic.

Ebay Bags

Ok, really? eBay is a web-based, user-driven retailer. At no point in time will there ever be a need for an eBay store and thus no need for branded bags. So the depiction of an urban-cowboy, trend-setter walking around a studio-lit street toting conveniently varied versions of eBay bags is, by very definition, contrived.

Did anyone consider branding an eBay-supplied shipping box?

New eBay Outdoor Signage

Does eBay now provide a dating service geared toward interior designers?

Ebay infographic

And to top it all off they produce nice yet sterile iconographic that totally misses an opportunity to use their eye-catching set of colors…

All-in-all eBay’s new brand is not as bad as Gap’s re-brand attempt, but does fall short when it comes to integrating their brand in a relevant and meaningful way

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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Element Multitool Packaging

Hey All,

Another quick post here. Here is a few shots of a package/branding design that I worked on last semester.

The Idea
Element is a brand of multi-tool that strives to be an essential part of every job, craft, or endeavor you may undertake. Fusing high quality parts with simple and reliable functionality allows Element brand multi-tools to outlast and outperform the rest. Each tool possesses the ability to screw, saw, grip, slice, open, and cut and is designed with portability and flexibility in mind. With a tool that brings so much to the table, you have to ask yourself… Are you in your element?

I wanted the brand to highlight the most important features of the tool: Strength, Simplicity, and Reliability. With these attributes in mind, I built a logo, icon set, and graphical elements that would portray these ideas. Once these were set in stone, I went about creating a package that would continue this idea. I built the package out of wood and had all of the elements laser burned onto the package giving it an added sense of strength and simplicity.

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What’s been happening…

Hey All,

Summer is nearly over! I haven’t had much time to think, let alone post, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights from this past semester/summer:

  • Scored a Paid Internship at a local design firm, Versant, that continued into the summer.
  • Landed a Teaching/Art Direction/Design Job at Discovery World (Museum) over the summer where I taught high school students design and art directed interns.
  • My work with Interactive InDesign has been featured on Lynda.com in the latest CS6 Training Videos.
  • Got the chance to do a keynote speech at College of DuPage during Portfolio Night 2012. (An event featuring work from CODs Graphic Design Program)
I’m extremly grateful for everything this past year has brought and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!
My final year at MIAD starts on Monday and I’m super-pumped to get started!
I’ll attempt to keep you posted.
Here we go!
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Quick Quote

Leo Burnett Quote

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Are you Siri-ous?

Apple has been and will always be the technological shining star of my world. As a designer, I can not help but appreciate the stellar aesthetic qualities of their products that are coupled with advanced innovations! Apple displays visual consistency across all of their platforms and knows how to appeal to its users in a wide array of ways.

When Siri (The new noice command feature on the iPhone 4S) was announced with iOS5 I was skeptical on how useful it would be and although I will not be able to experience it for a while (As I have an iPhone 4), I am pleased with some of humorous answers that apple has integrated into it’s functionality. Joshua Topolski (thisismynext.com) spent some time asking Siri a variety of questions and here are a few of my favorite answers:

Check out the rest of his screenshots here.

Time will tell whether Siri proves to be life-changing or not, but for now we can get a kick out of Apple’s sense of humor (Yet another thing that sets them apart). Be sure to lemme know what you think about Siri in the comment below!

Tha-tha-that all folks (for now)

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For the Love of Info!

I am completely enthralled with inforgraphics – a type of expression where complexity through simplicity reigns supreme. With the internet growing by mass numbers each day, we are constantly bombarded with new information. It is hard to keep up with the flow and it will only get worse. This is why clear infographics have an ever-growing need in our culture. People don’t have time to read, absorb, and respond. They instead need to be hit with information in a clear and concise way so they can then move along with their day. This video depicts the value of infographics well.


A site that constantly puts out stunning infographics is www.good.is/infographics - Check ‘em out.

UPDATE: A friend sent me some cool links (Thanks Katie!) that also are excellent reference so I thought I’d share. This video is a TED talk and I highly recommend browsing through it – shows the overwhelming impact of information that is well designed. Also this video also has an interesting subject matter that is presented in an intriguing form.

Much of my recent discovery of infographic wonders has been due to my infographic class at MIAD and my teacher Danielle Gagliano. Here is the results of my last project that had to be themed around “Home/Shelter”:



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Know Your Demographic

In today’s world we are constantly surrounded by all sorts of promotion. In order to have a fighting chance in reaching your audience you must strive to make your brand visually interesting and emotionally captivating. This ad is well directed and knows how to draw in it’s target market. Enjoy.

P.S. Here is another well-done ad by Levi that does a great job of attracting its target:

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New Photo Blog

Hey Everyone,
I’ve decided to lauch a separate blog for all my photography. Check it out!


That’s all for now, but I am currently working on a few stellar school projects so I’ll keep you guys posted.


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Graphic Design Website

Hey All,

The time is rapidly approaching and I’m super excited to be heading to MIAD up in Wisconsin. I’ve already got my apartment set up out there and I’m pumped to explore Milwaukee and to start up school again.

Just Blogging really quick to share a new website that I made for the College of DuPage Graphic Design Department. I’m pretty proud of it as it makes it a lot easier to find the information your looking for while keeping that pages visually consistent. The part that makes me the happiest is the animation on the home page of the site is completely HTML 5. This allows any browser (including mobile and ipad browsers) to be able to view the animation without having to have the latest version of Flash.

I used a program called Hype to compile the animation and I truly believe that HTML 5 can take the place of Flash in many of it’s common uses. Hype does a great job of allowing you to make simple – moderate animations easily. You can buy hype on the Mac App Store for $29.99 and believe me if you design anything web you’ll want this app.

Well that’s all for now,
I have plenty going on the next two weeks design wise so be sure to check back often.

Let me know what you think in the comments below,

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New Website

Hello Again!
It’s been quite a while since I’ve had ANY amount of free time to post, but the semester is coming to a close and I’m excited for projects I have planned for the summer. Portfolio Night 2011 overall went pretty well – I received honorable mention for three of my works =-D. To check out my current portfolio head over to www.iamboundless.com. I also coordinated/participated in a gallery show with the AIGA Student group at COD. In a week or two I will do a detailed post with pictures and a URL to visit.

That’s all I’ve got time for right now, but am excited to be able to start posting again!

In the meantime checkout my new website:

I have a more elaborate plan for it over the summer, but this’ll do for now =-D
Best Regards,

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